Selling your Home

  • The first Question would be why?
  • Do you need to move to a larger home due to an expanding Family, is it a Job orientated move? Are you needing to move due to finances or just wanting to downsize.
Time Frame
  • Are you in a hurry to sell, i.e. before the Children start in a new school system or you Start a new job, financial. For whatever reason, being candid with your Real Estate Agent is to your benefit. They will know what plan of action will be the best to get you your best price and Sold as soon as possible and share this with you. Or are you just thinking about it and want to know what it is worth and when would be the best time to market the house for Sale. All this information is kept between the Agent and the Seller.
  • So we are ready to Sell.

Step 1

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Now is the time to price your home, .

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